Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (Adjunct Professor)

Principles of Economics (TA)

Feedback (ECO 119)

Really detailed explanation of the knowledge

I think this course is so great because I learned some knowledge about the eco. The teacher taught us the way of using stata that is so useful to check the change of eco activities. I really like this part

My professor was very patient and if you had any question he was very helpful. I really enjoyed the game

He was very good at answering questions

Feedback (ECO 001)

Provided nice summaries of chapters discussed in class and smoothed out topics that were difficult to understand at first glance.

I am very happy with Mr Ilya's teaching style since it increased my understanding of the content significantly. I especially love his ability to make the knowledge we are learning from the lectures in a more practical way. The most effective recitation was the one on the Aggregate Expenditure model for Macroeconomic analysis. I struggled with a practical understanding of this topic. But this practical explanation that focused on equations and how the math side of the graphs is laid out was very helpful for me to see how this model works.

Although I was first resentful to have a recitation that lasted over an hour, Ilya made such good use of class time that I didn't even notice the amount of time passing. He greatly increased my understanding of the content, and was very good at going over topics that we were confused about. The practice problems chosen were picked between him and the professor to ensure we would get practice on the most important topics, and this led to proper prepare for each exam and rather good scores for his sections. I attribute much of my grade in this class to Ilya's teaching style and how much he cares about the success of his students.